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It shouldn’t be hard to take your health seriously

The world of health and fitness is overloaded with information and intimidating to navigate alone. You want to enjoy a healthy life, but it's easy to get stuck in unhealthy habits. When the way forward seems so complicated, and you're unsure how to change on your own, we can help.

We make the way forward simple.

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Build healthy habits

one step at a time

Strong Family Fitness is a partner on your unique journey to health. We empower you to live your healthiest life through:

Once you share with us your goals and the obstacles standing in your way, we’ll determine a plan of action together. From that point on, you’ll have us by your side – available to guide you and cheer you on either at your home, our studio, online, or through weekly calls.

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Don’t go it alone

We’ll meet you where you are. We know the frustration of desiring a healthier life but feeling sidelined by obstacles. As a family that has supported each other through the highs and lows of personal health, we believe having a partner to motivate you is the difference between being stuck in old habits and experiencing life-changing results.

Those results are backed up by National Academy of Sports Medicine certifications in nutrition, personal training, and stretching.

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Stop trying & start changing

You’re one step away from confidently living your healthiest life.

Have a conversation

Share your unique goals with us. We’ll meet you where you are.

Make healthy choices

One choice at a time, we’ll help you establish new, healthier habits.

Live your healthiest life

Experience the difference of feeling better, gaining confidence, and being more present with the ones you love.


"Working out with Joanna has been an approachable yet challenging and always fun experience. Strong Family Fitness champions whole-body wellness, and that focus serves as a guide as you move toward feeling at home in your body and taking care of it as such."
- Emily McLemore

"Nearly every aspect of life requires good stewardship. Many people do not devote enough maintenance to their health until things get out of hand. About the time I was ready to make some significant changes, I was blessed to have Cindy and Royce introduce a plan that changed my life. I had no idea how bad I felt until I knew how good I could feel. Let me encourage you to invest in your personal health…it will pay dividends!"
- Kris Groda

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Our family’s commitment to you

  • You are unique. We'll listen to you and understand your goals with a realistic approach and no judgment.
  • We'll go at a pace that's comfortable for you and cheer you on at every step.
  • You'll have direct access to us when you have questions or need motivation.
  • Your journey to health will be enjoyable, not restrictive.

Your healthiest life is within reach

At Strong Family Fitness, we know you want to enjoy a life built on healthy habits, but when you try to get serious about your health, it seems the odds are stacked against you. Comprehensive health is complicated. Diets are restrictive and full of empty promises. Gyms and workout classes don't work for your unique goals. Consistency seems daunting, and showing up is intimidating. When the way forward seems so overwhelming, how do you overcome the obstacles and embrace a healthier life?

We believe the way forward can be simple. As a family who has struggled with challenges like autoimmune disease and accident recovery, but also accomplished goals like ultramarathons and competitive sports, we've experienced firsthand the difference healthy choices can make. We believe you can be healthier than you ever thought possible – one step at a time.

Have a conversation with us. We will listen to you and determine together what courses of action will best help you reach your goals. After that, we'll be your partner for the long haul – available to guide you and cheer you on either at your home, our studio, online, or through weekly calls.

Start getting serious about your health today. You're one step away from confidently living your healthiest life.

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