"Working out with Joanna has been an approachable yet challenging and always fun experience. Strong Family Fitness champions whole-body wellness, and that focus serves as a guide as you move toward feeling at home in your body and taking care of it as such."
- Emily McLemore

“Since starting nutrition coaching, my body has never felt better. This program has been such a game changer for me and my health journey. I could not have even started this change without the support from Cindy. She is constantly motivating me and reminding me to stay on track. Having your own personal wellness coach truly is one of the reasons I felt this program was so good for me.”
- Ashley Earl

"Nearly every aspect of life requires good stewardship. Many people do not devote enough maintenance to their health until things get out of hand. About the time I was ready to make some significant changes, I was blessed to have Cindy and Royce introduce a plan that changed my life. I had no idea how bad I felt until I knew how good I could feel. Let me encourage you to invest in your personal health…it will pay dividends!"
- Kris Groda